April 01, 2019

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels


It’s spring, and many homes are going up for sale now that the weather is warming up! Selling a home can be stressful. Keeping your home tidy so that folks can come and look at any time …. this is made much harder when kids or pets are involved! If you’re interested in selling your home quickly, it needs to be marketed well, priced appropriately, and show well. What can you do if you want to move your home quickly?  Follow these tips :

– If you have an abundance of “stuff,” you may want to look into renting a storage while your house is on the market. Don’t be tempted to toss everything in a closet …. that will give the potential buyer as much anxiety as it does when my kids do that and say their room is clean!  It looks like storage is poor and they will not have enough room for their items. Use a portable storage and then you’ll just move it to your new home once your house is sold!

– Brighten up your home — open windows, turn on lights, and refresh a room with a light, clean, crisp new paint on the walls

– Curb appeal – keep your lawn mowed, pick up sticks, keep your porch clean, and spend some time on your landscaping.

– Make some small upgrades – no need to put down new flooring or carpets, it’s likely the buyers may have their own ideas for that. However, making sure your house is updated with small things like doorknobs, light fixtures, and some accessories like towels and of course paint that doesn’t make them want to run for the hills, would be time and money well spent to keep their attention.

– Find the right real estate agent – find someone that is familiar with the area and knows your market. Your house may be a hit in a market somewhere else, but in your area, may need some tweaks to help it move faster. An agent that moves your home quickly will hire a professional to take photos and will promote your home on social media.

– Hire a professional to stage and photograph your home – Take the above bullet point and elaborate on it …. if you want your home to sell quickly, let a professional take over. A professional home stager knows exactly how to set up your home to accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives. Be sure you have lots of photos on your online listing ….. how many times do you eagerly click on a house, only to see no photos of the inside!? No thanks ….. why would anyone take the time to set up an appointment if they can’t get a sneak beforehand? If you can’t afford a professional, at least get the viewpoint of a friend that can offer up honest feedback.

– Promote your home on your own – Share you listing on your own social media accounts and help spread the word yourself! You never know who it may reach.

– Sell at the right time – spring and summer are popular times to sell your home. People can get out in the good weather and not fight the cold, wet elements, and your landscaping can be in it’s prime. Bear in mind that this popular season allows buyers to be more picky, so it’s really worth the extra time and effort that you can put into making your home look it’s best. Lastly, make sure you price your house appropriately. Your market will give you an idea of where your number should be and your agent should be able to help you refine this number.

Hopefully these items help you move your home quickly! You never know when the right buyer will look at your listing at the right time. Be prepared! If you are ready to list your house, you need to be ready for your next step, as you never know how quickly things may move. When we listed our last house, we had 2 offers within 24 hours!

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