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Our typical starting point in our process is completing the CUSTOMER WORKSHEET. What’s your style? What are your “must-haves”? Information from this worksheet will help to capture your IDEAS and allow us to give you relevant and specific feedback on your BUDGET. Once the worksheet is complete, you will meet with a member of our team to zero in on the home you want to build, figure out how much that home will cost, and to help you understand the rest of the process. This is also a great time to start working on options for financing and to get pre-approved for your home.

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The first step on your homebuilding journey involves selecting the perfect spot for your dream residence. Whether you envision your future in one of our exclusive communities or on a personal plot of land, including areas where we're an approved builder, we're ready to turn that vision into reality.

It’s a fact that no two homes are alike – big or small, one story or two, basement or not – there are so many combinations and we have a great variety of plans to meet your needs.

If you’re building on your own homesite, or in another neighborhood, we have a collection of homes with a very smart design that ensure an efficient use of space. These designs focus on livability and have many opportunities for customization but won’t break the bank! If you would like to discuss design-build possibilities, simply mark that on your Customer Worksheet.

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Check Out Our Floor Plans

And now, the exciting part! After the floor plan is finalized, it’s time to visit the DESIGN STUDIO. Located in Downtown Greenfield, it has everything you need to make the selections for your home. We designed this studio so that you don’t have to visit store after store and deal with salesperson after salesperson making selections for your home all on your lunch hour! We’ve done the hard work and tracked down the coolest stuff and put it all in one spot. If we don’t have it, don’t worry – we’ll find it. Our selections team will help you decide on cabinets, flooring, lighting, countertops and much more based on your personal tastes and Pinterest and Houzz Boards – all while working within your budget!


You’ve never been so excited about digging a hole in the ground until it’s your hole in the ground! Once selections are complete, construction begins! Most homes take 6-8 months from the time we start to move dirt. We’ll handle all coordination and supervision to make sure your home comes together just as imagined. Email updates with photos and on-site construction tours with our talented team members will keep you in the loop and help you learn about your home from the inside out.

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Move In, Relax and Enjoy!

Once complete, we’ll give you a complete orientation of how to use and maintain the features of your home. Now is the time to bask in the satisfaction of your accomplishments and hard work – and you can rest easy knowing that you now have a cutting edge home with a great, industry leading 2-4-10 warranty. Call the movers, your friends, and Mozzi’s for pizza – it’s time to start unpacking!

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