April 05, 2021

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

In a time where we are spending more and more hours at home, many people are trying to figure out ways to capitalize on their outdoor space. While some people are still working at home, and kids may still be home from school or sports, we are trying to utilize our space better, and you know … all spread out! I doubt that, for the average family, they have spent as much time at home as they have in this past year. Which I think will just be a bit of a wake up call for people to spend more time at home with friends and family; I don’t see this trend going away even when the world opens up fully again.

Gone are the days of only having an outdoor area attached to a swimming pool area. In fact, many people are opting for an outdoor area and no pool. Get creative with some cool plants in interesting pots, lights that please your eye, and different colors and textures that make your heart happy. There are so many creative ideas out there from stone to decks to gravel to utilizing a grassy area, ideas to accommodate very large spaces and tiny spaces. I think the most important part is creating a space that makes our soul relaxed and content.

So what is trending on the outside world? People are creating outdoor “rooms” or extensions of space. You’ll see living spaces created for the outdoors that mimics the inside. Couches and rugs and all of the comforts of the inside, but outside in the fresh air. Full kitchen areas that are on the outside rather than the inside. Many people are even opting to put a television outside to enjoy in the evenings. Soaking in the vitamin D and fresh air while we do tasks such as cooking and lounging really is good for the soul, and we all need that more now than ever!

Feeling inspired? Head to Pinterest to gather some ideas and figure out something that works with your budget! Also, check out the Family Handman website for lots of ideas and inspirations to completing projects like this on your own.

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