November 18, 2020

2020 – The year that is just relentlessly hanging on …. While many folks are still working from home, possibly alongside their kids, more and more people are trying to figure out a setup that WORKS. I think many people have always had this idea of the flexibility of working from home, what it may look and feel like, and you may not quite be on target just yet. I’ve worked from home for years, sometimes with kids under tow, and to put it bluntly, when kids are around, IT’S JUST HARD. No matter the kids’ ages. So, here are some tips and hints on trying to make all of this work without pulling out your hair or working from your car just for some quiet and sanity!!!

My goal this winter is to remodel some areas of the home to accommodate my kids’ growing ages and provide them more of a workspace of their own, for everyone’s benefit!! I want my kids to have a somewhat organized area where they can sit, with good light (not lounge in a dark room, scrolling … you know that look!) in case this working and schooling home business is extended for awhile, or happens again. Either way, quite honestly, also away from my desk, so we can all breathe. I doubt I’m the only parent that cringes when they see Gatorade bottles and Doritos bags hanging out at their work station …

Aside from just the work space issue, and trying to give everyone their own area to work with, then comes the issue of being at your home for the majority of the work day. I’m fortunate to work for an employer that values work-life balance, and if I’m stagnant or needing a boost, I can easily hop outside and take a walk. Try to incorporate these little things into your daily routine if you’re working from home. My biggest struggle (and one that I honestly haven’t conquered yet 🙂 ) is stepping away from the home office. It’s difficult. It’s easy to say “Well, I can sit down and just check email for 5 minutes ….” and then 3 hours pass by while you get wrapped up in email and the 25 other tasks that you have to complete. It’s a great idea to set working hours, but flexibility also has to come into play when the kids are home.

Here are some helpful tips for working from home :

• Keep your desk clear – keep a separate area for personal papers (school things, bills, etc) so that it doesn’t get mixed up with work items – or handle those items when work stuff isn’t scattered on your desk.
• Close your door! I have gotten much better about doing this while at home, and the kids do notice and (mostly) respect that a closed door does mean Do Not Disturb 🙂
• The biggest piece of advice for me when you share an office at home and away —> KEEP A PHONE CHARGER AT BOTH PLACES! hahaha. Seriously. I can never remember to bring a charger for my phone, or if my watch dies I struggle … so I just keep one at both locations. No problem!

I’m more of a visual person, so if you operate on the same level, see the link below of Home Office Ideas with a bunch of ideas to implement in your own home office. Without spending a ton of money, you can likely get your space where you need to be. Get creative!


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