The Home Office
October 1, 2021    POSTED IN  Home

In the past year and a half, many of us have shifted to working from home. While this opportunity has likely opened up some freedom and flexibility, it may have put some folks in a pinch on where to set up their workspace. It’s probably not ideal to have your set-up at the kitchen table for the long-term, working around meals and kids coming in and out. So, what options are there that maybe you haven’t considered?

I hit the internet for some unconventional ideas that you may or may not have thought of! Do a quick google search of these ideas to see a plethora of examples …. so many great things that people come up with!

Ideas for integrating a small office space into your home :

• Under the stairway
• In a small closet
• Garage bay
• Storage shed – this one looks super interesting and amazing!
• Flip-down wall desk in a hallway
• Guest bedroom
• Rearrange the furniture in a room to make space for a desk
• Sit or stand workstation
• Park a desk behind a sofa in the living room

Hints & Tips :

While trying to make your space more comfortable and productive, invest in a nice ergonomic chair. You don’t want to sit in an uncomfortable chair and end up walking around with a sore back.

Consider making changes to the colors and decorations around your area to make it more relaxing. Get creative with colors by changing up your paint color or infusing wallpaper in your small office space.

Put your desk near a window if at all possible!

Invest in some quality speakers so you can listen to tunes while in the groove, and you can hear everyone while on your Zoom meetings.

Look into an adjustable standing desk so that you are not constantly seated and hunched over your computer.

Consider placing some plants around your desk, it’s good for your health and may boost your mood.

Something that is non-negotiable is a reliable router and an updated, fast computer.

If you are lacking space, mount shelving on your walls to create additional storage.

Looking into building a new home? At that point, you could have your own dedicated home office space, designed just as you want! Take a look at our
floor plans and call LISA or ALLIE if you have any questions at all!