May 07, 2021



Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately been struck by how great it smells? And then wondered, “Does my house smell good?” Or worse, “Does my home smell bad?!”  Sometimes, when you live with several kids and/or animals, your home actually does not smell great! Wonder how folks keep their homes smelling yummy?


• Simmer lemon rinds – If you use lemons in water or cooking, rather than toss the rinds, throw them into some simmering water and let the aroma float throughout your home. Yum!

• Get a diffuser and pick up some essential oils – You can find just about every scent available. A good site to check out is Mountain Rose Herbs.

• Make your own potpourri – Simmer a pot on low with cinnamon sticks, vanilla, orange peels, nutmeg, rosemary, and cloves.

• Set out a cup of white vinegar – This may seem counterproductive, but the vinegar will soak up bad odors. Set out a cup overnight to wake up to a refreshed kitchen.

• Display dried herbs – If you have some nice herbs on hand – lavender, basil, or mint, to name a few – hang them and let them dry out to enjoy their fragrance.

• Open up those windows – Let the fresh air inside.

• Before you toss those lemon rinds for good, throw them into your garbage disposal – Instant lemony kitchen smell!

• Air-purifying plants – Did you know that many indoor plants naturally purify the air? Some popular options for this are Pothos, Rubber Plant, ZZ Plant, Chinese Money Plant, Snake Plant, and Prayer Plant.


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