May 09, 2020

How many of you have an escape route in place in case of a fire in your home? I bet we all know someone that has had an issue like this come up … so it only makes sense to have a plan in place to be prepared for the worse. Take a few minutes and make sure your family is all on the same page.

Prevention should come to mind first, so smoke alarms should be installed in every area of your home. Spring time is a perfect time to check the batteries of all of your smoke alarms! Have fire extinguishers in place and ensure they work. Make sure the windows can be opened easily. CLICK HERE to see the full extent of what should go into a Fire Escape Plan for your home.

While the fire escape plan is likely the one we are all most familiar with, now is probably a good time to discuss a general Emergency Plan. This link shows every disaster that could happen, and while I’m not one to panic, I also do like to educate myself and be aware. This is a great website to keep in your back pocket and browse if you get some time.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy while keeping their mental health in check! It’s been a struggle at times ….. Our construction crews are still working and keeping the building process moving. We will keep everyone posted when we start opening up again. In the meantime, contact EMILY or LISA at any time and they are happy to communicate in whatever way you are most comfortable with!