How To Increase Your Curbside Appeal
April 17, 2019    POSTED IN  Character RichHomeHome Maintenance
I think most of us are taught as kids that first impressions do matter, right? While it’s not good to judge a book by it’s cover, we do gain insight to people based on the first impression they give us. Look people in the eye when you speak, give a firm handshake, be clean (something I’m always stating in my house!!) smile …. all of these things can give someone a positive, or negative, first feeling when they meet someone new.

Houses are the same. While we spend so much time on the inside of our homes, making sure we like the colors and textures and general feel of the home, it’s also good to pay attention to the outside. Some easy little things can be integrated to really boost the curbside appeal of those going by your home.

A great place to start is to look at the big picture. Do you have overgrown bushes that are all growing into one another or that have gotten unruly? Trim them up, or if you don’t like them, have them removed and put something small in that is easy to maintain. When things get overgrown, you also have the issue of bugs being in there, and no one wants to mess with that! While you’re at it, update the mulch to give it a nice, clean look.

Dress up your front door. Paint your door a color that compliments your home and makes it stand out. It always catches my eye when I’m driving along and see a red, yellow, or blue door that stands out on a house. This can be done in a very tasteful way and is a great way to integrate some color. Another way to add some color to the front of your house is by adding colorful pots. There is nothing better than a huge splash of color when looking at someone’s home, even if their home isn’t full of color itself!

Keep your yard mowed and plant some flowers. With that, comes weeding ….. hire some young help if you’re too busy to stay on top of it. You can plant some annuals for some quick and long-lasting color. Integrate annuals and perennials and fill the area so that there isn’t much room for weeds ….. also, if you have areas filled, you may not need to mulch so much! Put some thought into what plants work well with each other in terms of height when grown, color, and positioning.

Clean your windows and update lighting structures. Changing your lighting can drastically change the look of your porch …. If you don’t have the funds available to completely change the lighting fixture, consider painting it black. This can make an outdated fixture look more modern and updated.

Some quick, inexpensive little things can also be done to add a bit of joy to your home. Install a cool, unique doorknob that makes you happy. Greet guests with a cheerful doormat that sends them a good vibe (while cleaning off their shoes!) Upgrade your mailbox … there are many cool options out there to choose from! I’m also noticing wreaths year-round …. these are not just a Christmas decor anymore! People are adding splashes of color everywhere, which is really fun to look at after a dreary winter. If you have a nice porch that you like to utilize, add a porch swing with some pillows, a rug, and a sitting area to really enjoy your area. Add some plants and make your area warm and inviting. Keep in mind that there are no rules, so do what makes your heart happy and truly enjoy your space!

I like to head out and drive around and get inspiration from others. Drive through some of our neighborhoods to check out what our clients are doing, and check out the homes while you’re there. Those that live in Summerset don’t have to maintain their own lawn, that is included in their HOA fees, so no mowing or snow removal. They don’t need to fertilize, which allows much more time to work on the areas mentioned above!