How To Combat Spring Allergies
April 24, 2020    POSTED IN  Home

Like many others, I’m always anxiously anticipating spring’s arrival. Warm weather, green grass, flowers …. finally! While this has been a strange spring thus far, what a terrible time to be dealing with the normal thing that many of us suffer from in the spring : allergy symptoms. Fortunately, most of us that suffer from allergies know the telltale signs : Eyes itching and watering, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, sore throat. I deal with it in the spring and in the fall, and get into a solid routine of Claritan and Singulair. Flonase is also a great help.

What can we do indoors to help alleviate some of these allergies!?

– Shut the windows

– Take shoes off before coming inside

– Change AC Filters

– Vacuum (preferably with a HEPA filter), mop, and dust weekly

– Put HEPA air purifiers throughout your home

– Carpet holds dust and dirt, consider hardwoods, tile, or vinyl flooring if you allergies are really bad

Hang in there! As for me, I still open up the windows and spend as much time as possible outside, and just deal with the stuffy nose and headache!! It’s an okay trade-off for the warm sunshine and Vitamin D.

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