May 04, 2021

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

Although it doesn’t necessarily feel like it, spring is here, and summer is right around the corner! How many of us have been sitting at track meets and tennis matches saying, “May is right around the corner! It’ll get really hot!” So, maybe it’s going to take another minute …. either way, days are getting longer and warmer!

Do you all get the urge to clean once the weather starts warming up and the sun starts shining longer? I sure do! We are here to help with some spots you should definitely hit when you start to tackle your house. So, go ahead … crank the music, grab a drink, and get to work! (Better yet, put these on a to-do list for your kids, then kick back and watch them!)


Curtains : Curtains collect lots of dust and hair. You can use a lint brush on the curtains or remove them and toss into the dryer with a damp towel for 15 minutes. They’ll be good as new. If they’re in really bad shape, wash them or take to a dry cleaner.


Ceiling Fans : If you have ceiling fans, I urge you to look up and see what state they’re in! Occasionally, I look up and panic …. dust collects on the blades quickly. I highly recommend investing in a fan blade duster with an extension so you can get up high and not mess with ladders or chairs.


Windows : You know the routine …. wash the inside then open the windows and use a damp cloth to clean all the yucky stuff — dirt, bugs, etc. (This is where the kids come in to play!) Then, hop outside and clean up. (Or, hire a service that does this for you!)


Screens : A scrap of carpeting makes a powerful brush that can help remove dirt from screens. If they’re really dirty, remove them and wash outside.


Trash Cans : Sounds gross, but give your trash cans a good cleaning in the spring to get the grime out. Spray them out with water, then hit with a disinfectant spray, scrub with a long brush, rinse, and set upside down to dry.


Carpet : Spring is the perfect time to steam clean your carpets to lift stains that may have occurred over the winter.


Furniture : If you are like my family that has the rule of no food in the living room, you will still often find food and wrappers in the couch. The things I find in and under the couch are terrifying …  I’ve considered setting up a camera to see what’s up in there. Take the time to remove the cushions and use an upholstery attachment to clean up dirt, food crumbs, and animal fur to give your couch a refresh.


Refrigerator : This is one that usually gets really bad before I cave and do it. Did you know that salt and soda water make a great refrigerator cleaner? Also, while you have everything out, organize your refrigerator so it makes sense for your family. Put those items that you use frequently or that are perishable towards the front, other items towards the back. My oldest takes pride in keeping our refrigerator and pantry nice and tidy, and I’m so appreciative! Find a task your kids enjoy, and it’s a win-win for the entire family!


Stove : Give your stove a deep clean by removing splatters and food crumbs. Clean the grates in a grease-cutting solution, and give the cooktop a good scrub with a soapy cloth. Then, fire up your self-cleaning feature and let it do its thing.


Bathroom : Declutter and reorganize drawers, then disinfect all areas of the bathroom. You’ll feel 10 pounds lighter after you do this. If you have tile, make a point to clean and disinfect your grout and tile properly. Keep your showerhead clean and functioning well by mixing a solution of 50% water with 50% white vinegar and spraying the showerhead. Let it set for a few minutes then wipe dry.


Bedroom : You spend a lot of time in your bed ….. keeping your mattress clean and rotating are very important! Vacuum the surface of your mattress, then make a solution of baking soda and lavender oil. Let this set for a couple hours then vacuum the mixture away. This also works wonders if you have a little one who had an accident … the smell is gone in no time!


Office : This is the perfect time to declutter and get files actually filed. All papers should have a place so that you don’t spend endless hours looking. Think of an organizational system that works for you and stick to it. This is also a great time to back up important files onto an external hard drive. ALWAYS have a backup! I’ve heard too many horror stories of people losing their photographs. It’s always wise to have at least two copies of photos and documents you can’t afford to lose.


Outside : General cleanup …. sweep your porch or deck, and rid your area of random debris.


Most importantly, go outside to soak in the vitamin D and enjoy the weather that will be upon us so very soon! We’re getting glimpses of it daily. Longer spring days are also great for getting out and driving around our communities to get a feel for things. As always, contact LISA or MIKE with any questions at all!



Photo by from Pexels