July 08, 2022

My AC has been suffering for quite some time, but it’s always been able to be “fixed.” Until this summer. With the incredibly hot recent temperatures, I wasn’t overly surprised when I had someone out to look at it, and he said the dreaded words, “It’s done. It’s time.”

So now what?

Signs That You Are Having AC Problems

• AC is suddenly noisy or grinding
• Humidity is up inside the home
• Energy bill is going up
• Warm air is blowing out of the unit
• More dust than normal is accumulating in the home
• The AC unit is leaking fluid
• Burning or moldy smells

Things to Consider When Replacing Your AC

• A typical air conditioning unit has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. You can get many more out of it if you take good care of the unit.
• The cost of the repair obviously comes in to play. If your repair is going to cost you in the upward neighborhood of $5000 or so, you may want to consider replacing the AC unit.
• The cost of your energy bills should also be figured into the numbers you are running in your head. Unless you have a new AC unit, the technology has improved and there are more energy-efficient units on the market. Many things can impact the energy efficiency of your AC unit. If you see your bill creeping up over time, you will want to look into things and see what is going on!
• How long will you remain in your home? If you plan to move in the next few years, you may want to hold off on purchasing a new one. However, if your AC unit needs to be replaced, and you haven’t done that when you’re ready to sell, potential buyers will likely request a credit to cover the cost of a new AC system.

The average replacement cost of an AC unit varies from $3000-$10,000, averaging right around $5000. Shop around and make sure you’re getting a fair price.

In the meantime, get those fans going and keep plenty of water on hand if it gets super hot!!

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