September 16, 2020

So you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect home for some time … you’re not finding it. The homes aren’t big enough, maybe the locations are all wrong. It’s just not clicking. You have the thought that maybe you should build, or perhaps your realtor recommends it. How do you switch gears from a realtor helping you look for a home to you building a home?

You don’t have to have a realtor to build with us, but if you are working with one, they just need to register you first as their client before we begin the process. They can register you by filling out this form on our website or come with you to your first visit! We are happy to work with realtors!

If you’re a realtor, what can you expect?

• Walk your customer in to see us for their first visit.
• Register your client through the link above.
• We pay BAC.
• Full commission is paid at the first draw.

So, realtors, don’t be shy! If you are a realtor and you would like to work with us, feel free to contact LISA or BECCA if you have any questions at all! We love when you bring business our way and will do everything we can to make it a smooth hand-off. If you are looking for the perfect home for your client, we always appreciate the recommendation of Joyner Homes. Here are some links that your clients may be interested in!