August 21, 2019

When I started working here, I had zero idea what the home building process was like. I’m still learning quite a bit, daily. I sit in an area where I can hear our Design Consultant, Sandy, plan everything out with our clients. I am AMAZED at how this process works! Hearing the selections process, and seeing the end result, is so very impressive. Sandy is amazing at what she does!

During the initial design appointment, she sits down with you and you walk through, room-by-room, making choices for everything from cabinets to flooring to roofing to gutters to laundry sinks and toilets. I always thought this would be such a daunting task … but after listening to these appointments, and with Sandy’s expertise, I see how easy she makes it.

Sandy’s job is making sure you stay within your budget given the selections and upgrades you want in your home. She’s a pro at finding ways for you to get the upgrade you are interested in and possibly scaling back in another area, so that you can have the look and feel that you want at the budget that you have in mind. A typical appointment that gets most of the big decisions out of the way lasts around 4 hours or so. Can you believe that!?

See the link below, which includes so many fantastic photos of exterior and interior design finishes of some of our custom homes. It is such a fun and exciting end to a process where you put your trust into Sandy, along with your own preferences and style, and the outcomes is just stunning. See for yourself!



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