February 11, 2022

Due to the pandemic, many of us are spending a lot more time in our homes. The more time we spend inside, the more we think about the improvements our homes could use. Regardless of the size of your house, we all seek the need to maximize the space we have to make our homes more spacious and homey. So how do we make our homes more spacious while also making them appear more open?

Tips for making your home feel more spacious and maximizing the space you have:

Make sure your public rooms have space – living rooms seem to get cluttered very quickly. With family, friends, neighbors, etc. all sharing this space, it can be critical to maximize it. Use multifunctional furniture such as coffee tables with deep drawers to hold movies, games, video games, remotes, and blankets.

Be intentional with your decor – Decorate your rooms with careful thought. Sometimes, many small items around a room can seem like they won’t take up space but end up looking cluttered and getting in the way. Instead, try using a few larger, simple pieces of decor.

Mirrors can work magic – position mirrors opposite the windows to help shine more light around the room while giving the illusion that you have more space.

Use doors – try hanging hooks on the backs of doors. Hanging things such as coats, jewelry, towels, cooking/cleaning utensils, and bags can help get rid of clutter of having these things laying around.

Streamline/use your shelves – Although packing your shelves full of decor and books is tempting in order to utilize space, this can make your home feel more cluttered and closed off. Layer the depth of the decor on the shelves to allow for more to fit.

Have an awkward, empty space or nook in your home where no furniture or decor fit? Try building your own shelves to fill the space and putting the extra books you have laying around your house in this area.

Rearrange furniture – Pull your furniture about 3 inches away from the wall. This creates an illusion of space by making the wall seem farther away than it actually is.

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