September 09, 2019

I think most of us are familiar with some well-known homes from movies, right? I’m guessing, if you’re anywhere near my age, at the top of the list is the “Home Alone” house, the “Full House” house, the “Psycho” house, the “Friends” house, and the “Brady Bunch” house. There are so many that I’m sure if we went through the catalog of our mind, we could come up with a big, long list. Check out the link below to see a handful of houses that you can actually go and visit.

Link To TV and Movie Houses

With all of those ideas and photos and videos infiltrating our minds all day long, it would be interesting to find out how much of that affects our style and what we like to see in a home. Does it affect how you decorate your own home?

While it’s fun to become familiar with these homes that we watch on our televisions and get accustomed to seeing on a daily or weekly basis, it’s also fun to think about where you would put your own dream home if given the chance. We still have available lots at The Ridges Over Brandywine, McKenzie Glen, Summerset, and Stone Ridge. We can also build on your own lot, and will soon be building at The Boulders. Lots of options! It’s always a good idea to research the neighborhood and school systems prior to any big decisions, so start shopping! Browse our site to gather lots of ideas on what grabs your interest in terms of color, design, and selections.