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The year 2024 has arrived and with every new year there are new design trends to give us insight into the latest and greatest. For most of us these trends lend inspiration and ideas for sprucing up our spaces. The use of warm neutrals and warm hues of blues will become a primary shade in home interiors while stark whites will take the backseat. Tag along with me a little bit longer to learn more of what else is trending for this year.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and what you’ll be seeing more and more of is the continuation of extending your solid surface countertops onto your backsplash. While some have implemented this design for their entire kitchen backsplash, this year’s trend is only implementing this behind the range and mixing tiled backsplash on neighboring walls. This design choice will add interest and focus to your range space.

As homeowners own more and more kitchen appliances and gadgets, there is more need to store and hide these small appliances. Hence, appliance garages are regaining their popularity to keep a homeowner’s kitchen clean and clutter free. Adding a counter stacked cabinet tower is one way to make your kitchen more functional and smarter while also feeling more custom at the same time.

Next, a space that is created for practicality for all families is the combo laundry and mud room. Having a space to house shoes, backpacks, and coats away from the foyer of your home has increased significantly in popularity. To make this space even more functional, experts recommend adding storage components like built-ins, cubbies, and hooks.

Finally, many designs are adding windows to bring the outdoors inside as well as adding live greenery and other earth toned elements indoors to create a nature inspired interior. These designs aren’t just for looks, moreover green living is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. In 2024, eco-conscious interiors will be taking center stage. Embracing this trend could be as simple as keeping windows bare to appreciate the view, including potted plants, and being environmentally conscious in your design choices.

Overall, as trends change from year to year, it is fascinating to learn and ponder on what features or materials are shining and why. Some features are more materialistic, and others are more functional. In the end what matters in your home is your authenticity. Character and personality attract, and when it comes to interiors, what’s unique draws you in as every piece tells a story.

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