Which Basketball Goal Is Right For You?
April 9, 2019    POSTED IN  Character RichHomeHome RedefinedSmart Design


In Indiana, most homes that you see have a basketball goal in their driveway. I remember when we were looking at houses, we were looking either for a nice goal, or a spot to put one …. it was important! We eventually ended up pouring a concrete driveway and putting a nice a goal in, and it’s been money well spent. Lots of hours have been logged by lots of kids in the driveway! I love backyard basketball, because anyone, of any age or skill level, can play. From PIG to HORSE to 3 on 3 or 1 on 1 games, to routine skills and drills, it’s a great way for kids to spend their time.

So if you’re in the market for a basketball goal, which one should you choose? There are lots of different brands, sizes, and price points to look at when choosing a goal. Check this website to see 2019’s popular picks and see if one may work well for you. We have the Goalrilla goal listed on the site, and it is cool that the kids can lower it to play around with their mad skills 🙂 We actually got this goal half off during a big sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods, so keep you eyes peeled for deals like that, they do exist!

You can take it a step further and paint some lines on your court. Then you always know where the free-throw and three-point lines are, if you have the room for it. There are companies that you can find that professionally paint lines on your court …. it would not be very cool if you attempted this yourself and they were crooked or not the correct spacing!

Yet another option is having someone design an outdoor court where you get to pick the colors and components that go on your court. How fun would this be!? Our family would live out there if we had this ….. Check SnapSports to see what you could design for your own backyard.

One last option would be to have an indoor court attached to your home or in an out-building near your home. Again, if we had this, we would never leave this building! The photo at the top is from a Joyner Home …. It’s absolutely perfect!

Enjoy the NCAA final game tonight … hopefully the team you are rooting for wins! If you have any questions about any of our floor plans or putting in your own amazing basketball court, please contact us or fill out a Customer Worksheet. We’ll be happy to help you!