Decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!
November 4, 2019    POSTED IN  Home


Halloween has passed …. now straight into the Holiday Season! I always love walking into a home that decorates for the holidays, and I often wonder, how do they make time to decorate for each holiday, let alone season!? I love the look …. I’m often lacking time and energy to get it done. And then I wondered …. is it possible to decorate for Thanksgiving AND Christmas, kind-of all in one? I feel like this time of year is so hectic, sometimes it’s overwhelming, but I also want to enjoy the holidays, and I love a decorated home!

So, how do we extend decorations to cover the entire holiday season, without growing tired of the Christmas theme (this excludes those that enjoy their Christmas decor being up for some time ….. that is okay, too!) I did a little research online, and found some great ideas.

* Use candles to decorate all through the seasons …. you can find many different colors, materials, and scents. Find some that are appealing to your eye and  your nose, and leave them out!

* Strings of lights can really dress up an area of your home for the holidays! Where it seems like colored lights are Christmas-specific, these days, the rules for this are loosening up quite a bit, and lights could be left up all year, if that’s what appeals to you! In other words, lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Explore and have fun in this department!

* Integrate gold — Thanksgiving focuses on oranges and browns, and Christmas decor is often bright green and red … swap some of the more holiday-specific colors for gold, which can easily transition from one holiday to the next. Also, focus on your current palette of colors. You don’t need to drastically change things up with each holiday or season …. try to integrate with your existing decor to save some money.

* Hang on to the little pumpkins and fill them with greenery, paint them red and white, like candy canes, or spray-paint them gold.

* Display greenery that compliments both holidays …. You don’t have to use evergreen! Holly and eucalyptus are two that work great to integrate the holidays.

* Bring in your own branches and twigs from your backyard, the texture and color is great during the Thanksgiving season! Come Christmas, spray-paint them with gold or silver for that special holiday pop!

I may try to integrate some of these myself this year …… Most importantly, get creative, and do what is appealing to your taste and have fun with it!!

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