January 27, 2022

Photo by Aleksandr Slobodianyk from Pexels

Whether you’re like me and can’t stand the cold weather, or maybe you love the chilliness that the winter season brings, there’s something special about the first snow of the season. The beauty of each unique snowflake falling. The excitement of children. The holidays.

And I think there’s one thing we can almost all agree on, and that’s the importance of keeping your home cozy and warm through the brisk winter season.

Following are a few easy tips to keep your home feeling cozy as the snow begins to fall:

-Layer the floors with rugs – Rugs can be a statement piece in a room but also help provide extra warmth to keep your toes warm!

-Use a humidifier – Humidifiers are not only effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, lips, and for a cold but also, the more moisture in the air, the warmer your home will seem.

-Let the sunlight in – Not only is natural sunlight in your home stunning, but it also can create heat.

-Heated mattress pads – Get chilly overnight? Heated mattress pads will keep you cozy and relax your muscles.

-Heated blankets – Cuddle up in your reading nook with a heated blanket to keep warm.

-Lots of throw blankets in every room – Treat yourself and order a few chunky knit blankets for each room to keep cozy.

Want to use these tips to keep your custom Joyner Homes house cozy as the temperatures begin to drop? Fill out a CUSTOMER WORKSHEET to get started!