February 08, 2021


Some people are still hunting for a home during the cold and dreary months of winter, so don’t despair if you NEED to get your home on the market. Below, you’ll find some tips on how to make your home look the best it can during this off-season that just isn’t quite as pretty outside.

• Keep walkways around your home and garage shoveled and salted. If you can, keep outdoor furniture set up and cleared off so that buyers can see the possibilities.

• If you have photos from other seasons, especially when the grass is green and lush and you can see the landscaping at it’s best, be sure to include those in the listing. You may even assemble a photo album (if you have the photos available) of your home and landscaping during the warmer months. Many people have these photos on their phones … toss them into an album and put them in the living room so buyers can browse through the photos. Along the same lines, try your best to get some greenery outside of the home. Seasonal wreaths work well, and you can plant some evergreens or place some potted topiaries on your porch.

• Ensure that your fireplace and furnace are up to working order before you have any showings. Keep your home at a cozy 70 degrees. Also, consider sealing drafts with weatherstripping or caulk.

• Since days are short, lighting is important. Keep your home lit up like the 4th of July as much as possible. Even if you leave your home, keep lights on inside and outside for folks that drive by in the later hours of the day.

• Really focus on the inside … clean, clean, clean! Ensure everything is spotless and has a place. Store all of the extras elsewhere. Get some fresh flowers and indoor house plants to emulate the feel of nature and outside.

Don’t fear if you need to list your home during this time! Some good things to keep in mind about selling during the winter is there is less competition, people are relocating for work, and online shopping makes someone looking for a home a season-less task, because they can do it 365 days a year right from their home.

If you are looking to sell your home and build any time in the near future, call LISA or MIKE and they can help you out!