December 18, 2020

I think we can all agree that moving is somewhat stressful. If you are fortunate enough to be making the move during a holiday, and we could go ahead and add in the stress of a pandemic, it may be enough to send you over the edge! So how do you survive this with Christmas cheer? See below some hints and tips for moving during the holidays!!

If you know that you’ll be moving during the holidays, try to add in some time (a month if possible) to pack up your items, or consider hiring a moving company to help you with the process. Rushing the process is not a fantastic idea.

Since this season looks different for many, perhaps you won’t be hosting a huge gathering anyway. But if you do typically host and if you are getting together with family or friends, consider renting a space so that you don’t have the stress of your boxes and miscellaneous items staring you down. Allow yourself a minute to breathe and enjoy your family.

Be selective and scale back how you decorate for the holidays this one year that you’re moving during the madness. Pick your favorites and enjoy it as much as you can! Or take the year off entirely from decorating, or maybe just get a cute, tiny tree.

If things are just too stressful (boxes and kids everywhere) consider picking food up at a local spot for your big meal. Many restaurants put together to-go holiday meals or sides that you can pick up and cook at home. That will save some of the hassle … or go all the way and just dine out. It’s the company that counts, not the food. Make it a memorable moment rather than getting down about traditions. Traditions can always be revived the following year!

Be sure not to pack up winter gear in case it is frigid and there is snow to deal with! Leave out the essentials for each family member – coat, hat, gloves, boots — just in case!

If you’re moving so close to Christmas that it’s making you bonkers, skip on purchasing gifts for outside family and friends, or postpone it until after you’ve settled a little. Sometimes just taking these little things off our plate can relieve some of the weight on our shoulders, and everyone will understand.

Once you get in and settled, share your new address with family and friends. Maybe even ask friends and family to hold your holiday card or gifts that they may send until after your move-in date. You are the one with a million things on your plate, they will be happy to oblige! And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help!

If you’re in the market to build and make new memories in a brand new home for Christmas 2021, reach out to Mike or Lisa and they can help you out! Fill out a CUSTOMER WORKSHEET now if you are ready to get started with the process 🙂