December 02, 2019


The chill is in there air …. Have you done maintenance to prepare your home for winter? Here is a quick checklist on different things you should do to winterize your home.

– Cover air-conditioning unit
– Cover or remove any window air conditioner
– Vacuum bathroom exhaust fan grill
– Vacuum refrigerator/freezer coil
– Check basement for leaks during thaws
– Change furnace filter monthly
– Clean drains in sinks, tubs, showers, and dishwashers
– Inspect the roof/gutters/downspouts for damage after storms
– Check for ice dams
– Turn on humidifier, turn off dehumidifier


– Open cabinet doors under sinks
– Drip hot and cold faucets in kitchen and bath
– Set icemaker to make ice if the water line runs under the house
– Close drapes and blinds, except when windows are in direct sunlight
– Heat home to a minimum of 65 degrees … if away for the winter, it should be maintained around at least 50 degrees


– Locate the main water shutoff and know how it works
– Don’t wait for pipes to burst. If frozen, take measures to thaw them immediately, or call a plumber for assistance.
– Use a hair dryer/heat lamp/electric heat tape or portable space heater to thaw frozen pipes that have not burst
– Keep faucet open when thawing frozen pipes to allow water to begin flowing
– If pipes burst, FIRST turn off the water, then handle the mess
– Dry and repair any water damage
– Call an insurance professional as soon as possible

While you’re spending more time indoors this winter, browse our floorplan collection and Design-Build site and see what jumps out at you. As always, call Emily or Lisa if you have any questions about how things work with building a home with Joyner Homes!