January 28, 2021

When you think of building your home, many people have “forever” in mind. Maybe it would be wise to shift this mindset a bit, and think about what works now, and in the short-term? Think about it. None of us can predict the future, no one know what our lives will be like in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. While we can plan, life happens, and sometimes throws us off balance.

So after doing a little research and talking here at work, some things that could likely happen in the next 7-10 years that may unexpectedly pop up ….

• Expanding family (planned or unplanned!)
• Empty nest
• Divorce/Marriage
• Injury
• Illness
• Promotion (relocation/more capital)
• Need for In-Law Suite
• Neighborhood changes (area becomes unsafe/crazy or loud neighbors)
• Need to be closer to aging parents
• Interest rates
• Incredible appreciation in current property—cash out and build new
• HOA issues
• School district issues
• Tax law changes
• Desire to downsize or relocate

Sometimes, we just change. What we like at one point in our lives, can change drastically as we age and naturally go through life and grow with our lessons. This is all completely normal. Don’t feel like you need to think of every little thing that may pop up in the next 20 years, and simply build your home based on what will make your life easier at the moment, and in the near future. This doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment!

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