August 03, 2020

Photo by hans middendorp from Pexels

So yesterday, I bought some cutters for my bushes. A couple weeks ago, I bought a new little push mower. I went through a divorce last year, so I’m rebuilding our new arsenal of garden tools. Next up is a weed-eater! So naturally, when thinking about what to post about today, my thoughts went to garden tools that I may potentially need to invest in. I took it to the world wide web, and this is what I found! See below some unique items that may be fun to add to your garden shed!! All of the below items can be found on Amazon.


Use this tool to pull out stubborn weeds or break up soil. This cuts easily through the soil and has a bright handle so it doesn’t get lost among the mess.


Maybe this is what I need! I was telling my coworkers that every year, I end up spraying water all over myself when I water the flowers, because there is a leak either in the hose or the sprayer. The wands are good for getting into the soil at the base of the plants so you don’t have to water the foliage, which can increase fungus. (Thanks mom, see? I am listening!!)


Why do I not have one of these yet!? You don’t have to bend or squat down, good for those of us with a bad back or knees. The claw grabs weeds and roots for total removal.


What a great idea! These are flexible tubs that come in different sizes and fun colors (I’m a sucker for all of the colors!) They can be used to store things in, haul weeds in, gather tomatoes or cucumbers, the list is endless. They also have lids for some sizes. This definitely looks like something fun to add!


Who knew!? You can get a Roomba to clean your carpets, and an auto mower to mow your lawn! I’m not sure if I’m ready for this one yet, but I’m sure my son would be super happy if he didn’t have to do it anymore.

Sometimes it’s best to try and make your chores a little more fun. Maybe add a little music outside and a tasty drink, and those chores won’t feel so much like chores. Another thing I would like to add to my yard is a clothes line, maybe I’ll write about that next time!

Are you ready to have a little more space for yard work? Or, maybe you’re on the opposite end, and you don’t want to mess with your yard at all! Call LISA or BECCA and they can help you figure out what is going to work best with your needs.