January 06, 2020

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


So a new year has begun ….. What does this mean for you? Personally, I was pleased for 2019 to come to a close. It seemed like there was one thing after another that happened in our house – injury after injury after injury ….. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to hit reset and start over. I know many people are against making new year’s resolutions, only to break them, but I do like to have some things at least in mind that I would like to improve in in the upcoming year(s). I’ve compiled a list of some things that you may want to commit to work on!

Work On a Budget – Okay, so I have never been one to outline a budget, nonetheless stick to one. After going through a divorce this year, it is probably a good time to do that! Some popular apps that people use to help with a budget are Mint and You Need a Budget. I’m currently using Albert to seamlessly save some money, automated, that I don’t even feel. That has been really easy and dollars add up quickly.

Eat Better – This goes without saying for many people, I think ….. certainly on my mind this year is to eat more vegetables. My family doesn’t eat near enough, so I want to try to improve on that. Also – I love the idea of trying a new meal once a week. Get your kids involved and see what ideas they may come up with.

Schedule Doctor Appointments – I started this 2 years ago and have done well with it. We schedule appointments for our kids annually, but I think many parents don’t take the time to actually go themselves. Give yourself peace of mine, and be proactive, by scheduling with your dentist, optometrist, family doctor (find out what annual screenings need to be done for your age.) Sit and schedule all of them, and then at each one, schedule for the following year.

Clear the Clutter – This is a continuous goal in my house. I truly think that everyone functions better without clutter. Take the time to clear piles and find a spot for things, and keep up with it daily, and I can almost promise your stress level will be lowered. Continue this philosophy on to your closest and start donating clothing that you don’t wear.

Meditate & Stretch – Again, something I can never commit to, but I realize the benefits that these exercises can provide. Meditation can lower your stress and anxiety, assist in learning and memory, lower your blood pressure and regulate your heart rate. Yoga increases flexibility, improves muscle strength and tone, and helps you to feel calm and more aware.

Those are some very general and doable goals. If you are detail-oriented, put the pen to paper and start writing down all of your goals for a visual reminder!!

In this new year, you may be thinking about moving. Perhaps you need to upgrade your home, move to a new school district, or downsize …. Browse all the areas on our website to see if building may be a good fit! Check out where we build and call Lisa or Emily if you have any questions on how the process of building with us works!