April 10, 2019


Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels


April showers bring May flowers, right? I don’t even mind rain in April, as long as the temperatures are on the upswing. Come May, we start planting flowers in the ground and in pots around the house, pining for more color in our lives. Something that I was introduced to awhile back is rain harvesting. What is that, and could it be something that may benefit you?

Rain harvesting is when you capture the rain from the run-off of a building and store it for later use. Rainwater is great for plants because there is no chlorine or salt in the water. And, it’s free! There are many other uses for rainwater … So, why would you take the time and work to harvest your rainwater!? Many reasons ….

– It’s environmentally responsible

– It is absolutely free and mostly clean water

– Water your lawn and flowers

– Clean your car

– Clean your pets

– Refill your swimming pool, fountain, or pond

“Potable” rainwater is rainwater that can be used for human consumption. You can use this water for cooking, drinking, bathing, cleaning food, and showering. If you choose to use rainwater for potable needs, you will want to be sure to filter and disinfect it just to be safe.

Interestingly, different states have different laws regarding rain harvesting for personal use. Find more info about the laws of harvesting rain HERE.

Harvesting rainwater can be as simple or elaborate as you want! Check this Pinterest site to get some ideas of different routes you can take.

‘Tis the season for rain, and also the season for looking at houses! Spring is when everyone gets their home listed and more opportunities arise if you’re looking to move. Or if you’re interested in starting from scratch, check out our floorplans and fill out our Customer Worksheet. Contact us with any questions at all!