July 23, 2019

Happy Monday! I’m working from home today, so thought I would do a post about something I enjoy in my own home …. Indoor plants! Anyone that knows me, knows that I struggle to keep plants alive outside. However, I’ve done a fairly good job recently with indoor plants! I love the color they bring to the home, and I feel as though I’ve accomplished a goal if they don’t die 🙂 Not only do they add color and life to your home, they also naturally clean the air!

How does this work? Plants absorb gases and pollutants from the air through their leaves and roots. There are some plants that remove VOC’s (aka bad stuff from the air) more effectively, including spider plans, ferns, aloe vera, snake plants, peace lilies, and English Ivy. Get some of these in your home and you are well on your way to cleaner air!

A plant I have really enjoyed is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. I read about how you could propagate a new plant by cutting a portion of an older plant off and planting it in new soil, and it actually worked! Also, when you make a cut in the fiddle leaf, it shoots out a new branch, so your tree becomes more “tree-like” with branches and outward growth. See a photo below!

In the picture above, I have a rubber tree plant, which i love! It’s so easy and always looks good. The fiddle leaf fig on the top right corner, the propagated one … it’s short, but growing. I’ll probably cut those lower leaves off soon soon.  A jade plant to the top left, which I’m also a big fan of … and variegated pathos below that. If I can manage to keep these alive, anyone can ….. I also have a snake plant and a money tree in this same room. In the living room, I have the bigger fiddle leaf fig, a snake plant, and a wandering jew (another favorite!)

Some cute additions can be made to any decor with cacti or succulents in a cute and colorful put.  You can visit a local store that sells plants and find most of the varieties mentioned here, or hop online have them shipped to your door!

What kind of plants do you have luck with in your home? Feel free to share some ideas on our Facebook page! Also, have you heard about our new neighborhood coming soon!? The Boulders is in progress now … sign up for our VIP list to stay updated, or swing by and talk to Emily or Lisa to learn more about this new neighborhood!