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Embarking on the journey of building a custom home is an exciting venture filled with endless possibilities. From selecting the perfect location to deciding on a floor plan, and making selections for every inch of your future home's interior and exterior, the process marks a major milestone. However, amidst the thrill of creating your dream home, it's crucial to navigate the financial landscape with clarity and foresight. Learn more about the process of building with Joyner Homes - HERE!

At Joyner Homes, our goal is to have all costs, from site conditions to selections, determined prior to starting construction on your new home. This approach minimizes additional costs throughout the building process and ensures transparency for our customers.

Below, we delve into expenses that most people will face during a custom home build. Being prepared for these expenses will ensure a smooth and informed journey from blueprint to entering the doors of your completed custom home for the first time!

Land Acquisition and Preparation:

The foundation of your custom home journey begins with securing the perfect plot of land. Beyond the purchase price, consider expenses for land surveying, soil testing, and any necessary site preparation such as grading or tree removal. Our build radius is approximately 45-60 minutes from our office. Check out WHERE WE BUILD or contact us if you are unsure if we build in your area.

Architectural and Design Fees:

When building with Joyner Homes, your first step will be meeting with a JH New Home Specialist to discuss your preferred building location, select a floor plan, and choose between our exclusive design selection packages: the JH Blue Select Series and JH Black Signature Series. Additionally, we offer the JH Green Series, consisting of energy-efficient improvements that can be combined with either the JH Black or JH Blue packages. Following this, if you are making any architectural changes to a floorplan, you will consult with a JH Architectural Specialist to make those changes. You will also have access to our JH Design Studio, your one-stop shop for all home selections guided by one of our JH Design Specialists!

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Landscaping and Outdoor Amenities:

Enhance your curb appeal and outdoor living spaces with landscaping, hardscaping, and amenities such as patios and decks. Budget for ongoing maintenance to preserve the beauty of your exterior environment. If you choose to live in one of our Joyner Homes' exclusive low-maintenance neighborhoods, WILLIAMS RUN or GRANDVIEW VILLAGE, snow removal and lawn care will be taken care of for you!

At Joyner Homes, we understand the intricacies of the custom home-building process and strive to make it a seamless and gratifying experience for our customers. With a commitment to quality, character-rich craftsmanship, smart design, and personalized service, our full in-house JH TEAM will guide you through every step of the journey.

CONTACT US today to share your needs and preferences and to begin your extraordinary journey towards homeownership that's as unique as you!