June 17, 2019

So this weekend, we got some bad weather. The sirens, texts and my teenager looking at me with big blue eyes saying, “That sound means we need to go down to the basement, Mom!” forced me to go down to the area that I most despise. It gives me the heebie jeebies ….. and when he was sitting there eating his pizza and glanced up and said “You have a spider on your shirt, Mom …. ” I was gently reminded of why i dread going down there … And is also why I will always wear a hat down there from here on out!

With that being said, I appreciate the fact that we have a place to seek shelter. My house was built in 1900, so it’s gross, dirty and creepy. I envy the folks that get to go down and chill in their comfy basement when a tornado is headed towards their house! 🙂

So when building a home, should you build it on a basement, or no? Finished or not?

Those that choose a basement often have plans to use the basement as an extended living area. Whether it’s a playroom, gameroom, a place to workout, a bar, or a movie area, the options are endless. Sometimes zoning codes can become an issue. If you don’t have room to build out, and if you already have a second story, a basement may be a good option. It’s also a good way to add guest space to your home, along with a bathroom and possibly a full kitchen. When finishing their basement, most people don’t choose as high end materials as they would do in their main living area. Many people would agree that a walk-out basement tends to be the most useful, adding light and the ability to walk right outside.

Some people tend to think they need a basement, but don’t quite know why. If you plan to use it for storage, why not build a loft with extra living and storage space? Some cons that go with a basement are higher utility costs and repair costs if they pop up. You’re also likely to deal with excessive moisture because of high humidity and water that can possibly end up down there up after a big rain.

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