July 05, 2019

So, the day has come to move into your new home and you have pets to consider. What’s the best strategy here? You want to make the move as seamless as possible, but as with kids, animals are going to be a little off while they get used to all of the new noises, smells, and spaces that they have available to them.

While things are chaotic and you’re trying to find your items that are packed away in a bunch of boxes, make sure you have an overnight kit that is easy to get to that has food for your animal, toys, the litter box, etc …. so you don’t end up losing your mind looking for specific items!

It’s highly recommended to keep your pet(s) at a friend’s or the kennel for the big moving day. That way, you’re not losing patience while they are getting anxious. If this isn’t a possibility, try putting them in a room so they don’t have to witness all of the people moving boxes and you don’t have to keep them out from under your feet.

Try to get things mostly set up, even if it’s just one room, before you introduce them to the home. When you do let them into the home, be right there with them and show them some of their toys and a familiar blanket. Shortly after your move, update their tags and microchip with your new address and phone number.

Don’t stress about your move too much! You and your sidekick will make a smooth transition ….. just try to keep things fairly consistent with how things are run at your old home, once you introduce them to the new home!

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