January 12, 2023
 Greetings! Today we’ll learn more about Reis and Marj … Reis is our Architectural Specialist and Marj is our Architectural and Design Specialist.

Hi, my name is Reis Pike, I grew up in St. Paul Indiana (a small town nobody knows). I went to college at IUPUI and have lived up north ever since. My wife and I are about to make the move to the east side, building a house with Joyner homes! I grew up in the country and I am ready to be back living in the country surrounded by cornfields. We have two miniature dachshunds, and they are the best things ever. I love motorcycles and have a Triumph that I love to ride around town or to work. I love a good bourbon and Christmas is my favorite time of year!

As a little girl, I created homes and furniture out of shoeboxes, scratch paper and scotch tape. I still love a creative project, only now I get to use my computer, wood and a nail gun instead! My home project idea list is long, but most of my free time is spent sitting sidelines with my husband watching our three teenage boys do things they love, which brings us so much joy. I couldn’t be more grateful that my career journey has brought me here, allowing me to combine my background in art and construction, with the bonus of working in my hometown alongside an incredible team! Eight-year-old me would have been thrilled to know that she gets to work at Joyner Homes when she grows up!

Stay tuned to learn more about the others!! Meet the rest of our team HERE, and click HERE if you are interested in joining our team.