April 22, 2022


It is essential to select the best home builder when building your dream home. Before selecting a builder, it’s important to trust the builder. We know you’ll have your own set of questions, but here are a few other important questions that I suggest you ask when making this big decision.                                                                                                                  

-Can you provide testimonials/reviews from previous customers? – Always check out reviews. The reviews come from customers who have been through the process firsthand or have experience working with employees. Googling and checking out reviews can help the process of choosing a builder in the area.

-Do you offer tours of your completed projects? – Being able to see firsthand what a home built by a builder looks like can help the process. Model homes are a great tool to check out.

-Can you help me pick out the perfect location for my home? – Location plays a part in which home builder to choose. Look into where the builder builds and where would best suit your family. 

-Can you help me pick out the perfect floor plan for my family? – Having different options to perfectly fit your family is the point of a custom home. Make sure your builder has the knowledge and options to perfectly suit your family. 

-How customizable are my selections? – Make sure your builder has plenty of options for customizing the selection process. Being able to choose exactly what styles and colors you want is a big point in customizing your home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

As you know, the most important decision in building your dream home is selecting the right builder. You should feel comfortable with your potential home builder and know that they value every question, comment, or concern you may have. 

Choosing a builder that makes you feel confident is crucial for having an enjoyable custom home building experience. Our goal at Joyner Homes is to focus on creating architectural elements that are uniquely yours. Come into Joyner Homes, or give us a call at 317.468.2330, and we can discuss all of your questions you have about building your dream home! Fill out our CUSTOMER WORKSHEET to get started right away!