September 04, 2020


So when I lived in the country, one of my favorite things was hanging clothes on the clothesline. What is it about this task that is therapeutic? It takes more work, kind-of …. You have to lug around the piles of clothes. But it was relaxing to me …. I suppose it’s just the medicinal nature of the great outdoors. Being able to tackle a chore while breathing in fresh air and getting some vitamin D, chores just feel much less like chores. I live in town now with a tiny backyard, so I had written off a clothesline. But when I did a quick google search, I was surprised with the options that I saw!

So why would one want to integrate a clothesline into their life?

• It’s a great way to get outside and cross something off of your to-do list
• Using a clothesline will save money on your utility bill
• Clothes have a fresh and yummy smell when dried naturally outside
• If you have small kids, you can take that time to yourself while they play outside
• It is gentle on clothing, perfect for those items that you can’t toss into the dryer
• Sunlight helps to disinfect and whiten laundry. Keep in mind that it can fade bright or dark colors, so if in doubt, keep those items in the shade.
• It’s just relaxing. Try it, I think you’ll agree.

Things to consider : Does your neighborhood have regulations on clotheslines? Some do, so keep that in mind. Some neighborhoods consider these to be eyesores, and if that’s the case, you can get an indoor folding rack and pop it outside when in use and then bring it back in. Also, be aware of any allergies that you may have, as allergens can easily be brought inside and cause issues with those that are sensitive to pollens.

There are so many different ideas to make this work for you and the space that you have. Whether it’s a Rotary Clothesline, a portable drying rack, or something really creative, there are options available that will make this a fun little project. Check Pinterest for lots of cool ideas!

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