What to Expect When You’re Expecting …To Build a House…
December 7, 2020    POSTED IN  FAQHomeWhat to Expect

Picture it (and I know this will be easy since most of you have been picturing this for most of your adult life): the perfect piece of land with at least 10 acres of rolling hills sloping down to a natural pond and wild grasses that are flowing back and forth with the wind. A winding driveway that finally meets with the house that is perched up on a hill as if it is posing perfectly for a picture. It’s beautiful! White board and batten siding with a dark roof, dark windows, and wood trusses placed perfectly in the gables. You’ve spent hours upon hours on Pinterest picking out every detail for each room from paint to flooring, cabinets to countertops. You’ve scoured the internet for the absolute perfect plan that has 4 bedrooms, an office, the master on the main floor, and a beautiful finished basement housing the theater room and bar. And VOILA! You’ve done it! You’ve finally finished the extremely time-consuming task of compiling all the details of your dream home that you are ready to build from the ground up.

Next step—you start researching builders in the area. They all seem like great options, but this particular builder and their mission seem to speak directly to your heart. You start to compose the email and get every last detail in there from the floor plan to the proposed finishes and your ideas for land that you haven’t found quite yet and you get this response: “That sounds like it’s going to be a beautiful home! After looking through everything you’ve told me, it appears we’re going to come in right around $800,000 for the home only. How does that sound to you?”

“HOW DOES THAT SOUND TO ME?!!!? Out of budget… that’s how that sounds to me.” You painfully realize, at that point, that your budget of $400,000 is going to have to look a little different than you originally had planned. It doesn’t excite you the way it had when you were working with all hypotheticals. And while we, as builders, wish we could perform miracles for everyone, we just weren’t granted with those types of powers. That doesn’t mean that we can’t build you a beautiful home in your price range—it just means we need to start from the beginning—the way you probably should have started to avoid the heartache!

When you decide you are ready to build, make your first step looking into builders that have homes that fit your vision. Next, ask them questions to see where they land for what you have in mind. Gather up all of your information and then go to the builder and explain to them what wants and needs you have for your home. From there, they should be able to give you a number and let you know what range you should expect to fall in, depending on what your wants and needs truly are.

The cool part about working with Joyner Homes is we already have a collection of floor plans that are pre-priced. This is a great place to start to see what fits your budget.

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