We Use Buildertrend. Here’s Why.
November 4, 2020    POSTED IN  HomeWhat to Expect

We use Buildertrend. Here’s why.

Buildertrend powers our projects and gives you a better construction experience

If you’re shopping for a construction pro to help with your next project, now you can expect a better – and more digital – construction process with Joyner Homes’ latest power tool: smart technology.

We’re different from other construction companies because we have Buildertrend in our tool belt. We use Buildertrend to deliver the digital experience you expect. When you work with Joyner Homes, you’ll enjoy:

  • Real-time visibility into the status of your project through an online dashboard, app notifications and email updates.
  • One place to communicate and track job progress.
  • The ability to make selections, pay for your project and sign agreements, all online.

Others in the industry rely on paper and pen. They bounce from system to system. Inefficiency is their norm.

With Buildertrend, Joyner Homes forges forward and leaves the old way of managing jobs in the past.

From start to finish, our entire project process comes together in one powerful platform. All-in-one software like Buildertrend boldly solves common challenges faced by construction professionals and, more importantly, their clients.

Your next home project just got a whole lot easier when you work with Joyner Homes! Contact LISA or MIKE today to learn more, or fill out a CUSTOMER WORKSHEET now!!