October 11, 2019

See below what’s included in the base price of every Joyner Home! I’ll cover the exterior in this post, and the interior included features in another post. These things come standard on the exterior of every single Joyner Home – no matter if it’s a floor plan or a Design-Build home.


–        Covered Front Porches
–        Concrete Back Patio
–        “LP Smart Side” Siding and Trim (Not Vinyl)
–        Plywood Exterior Sheathing
–        30 Year Dimensional Roof Shingles
–        8:12 Minimum Roof Pitch
–        12” to 10” Minimum Overhangs
–        6” Gutters
–        Insulated Garage Doors with Windows and Hardware
–        Garage Door Opener and Keypad
–        Dry-walled and Painted Garage Walls
–        Fiberglass Entry Doors
–        2 Exterior Hose Bibs
–        16’ Wide Driveways
–        Complete Landscape Package

When looking at home builders, be sure to see what their base price includes in terms of interior and exterior features, as this can greatly affect the end price. Have questions about how all of this works? Call Emily or Lisa to talk to them about making one of our customizable floor plans into a home for you, or starting from scratch on your own lot. Head over to our Where We Build page to learn more about our neighborhoods and see lots of samples of interior and exterior photos to gather some of your own ideas!