December 07, 2022

Our design process spans over a two-week timeline and begins with a Pre-Appointment Design Questionnaire that is sent to the customer. This is a fun online interactive form that is filled out to help customers articulate to the design team what is most important to them in their home. After that is submitted, we schedule our design appointment for Monday morning or afternoon. This is where the customer will meet with one of our Design Specialists and walk through picking out all the finishes for their home! This may sound a little overwhelming, but that’s what we, designers, are here for – to support, encourage, and direct a customer’s choices into creating a home they’ll love for years to come.

After the design appointment, behind the scenes of week one, we begin entering selections into our program called BuilderTrend. This program line items the selection choices out so it’s easy to understand pricing when it is delivered to the customer. During this week the customer and designer will work closely to ensure all lights, appliances, and additional details needed are addressed. Some items, especially if they are not standard, will need to be sent off to our purchasing department to be priced. By the end of the day on Friday, our designers send the first round of pricing to their customers. This gives our customers the entire weekend to review and get back any changes to us by Monday of week two. The designer will also begin creating custom kitchen and bathroom designs for the customer to review with their first round of pricing!

By the start of week two, we will have received feedback on any changes that the customer has made. The design team works closely with the customer during this time to ensure we are being mindful of budget, as well as the overall design of the home. We will get those changes put into our program, as well as send any new things to be priced to our purchasing department. This is really the time to fine tune any outstanding details and ensure we have exhibits made for our customer’s special features. An updated round of pricing is sent to the customer by the end of the day on Thursday, along with applicable exhibits and redlined floor plans. Friday is the big day! The goal is to have the customer sign off on all their selections, floor plans, and exhibits. Once these are signed, our design process is complete and the customer is on to the next phase of the build process!

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