June 10, 2022

Selling a home takes lots of hard work and organization. Keeping the house clean and making sure everything is neat and tidy can get difficult after a while. Here is a list of things to check off the to-do list that will help you keep up to speed with having your home ready when trying to sell quickly!

• Open curtains/blinds to let as much natural light in as possible.
• Fix things that are broken.
• Replace light bulbs.
• Vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors
• Organize, declutter, and declutter some more. Everything needs to have a place. If you have too much for your space, consider getting a storage unit so there is less clutter.
• Clean baseboards and vents.
• Clean windows inside and outside.
• Straighten the pantry.
• Make the home smell good! Light a candle, infuse some oils, or bake some cookies.
• Clean light switches and door handles.
• Double check your bathroom before a showing, especially if you have kids. Make sure the toilet is flushed, and the lid is closed.
• Empty all trashcans.
• Empty the clothes hampers.
• Clean the sinks.
• Remove pets from the house when you have a showing.
• Sweep deck, porch, and walkways.
• Tidy up landscaping …. consider mulching.
• Power wash outside areas.

If you’re looking for some other low-cost ideas to spruce things up, check out these below!

• Swap out old faucets.
• Update old light fixtures.
• Paint trim and touch up scuffs.

These things can become tedious if it takes too long to sell. Be sure to get the entire family on board to do their part to help out and share in the responsibilities! Spending a little time upfront on these items and then maintaining them daily or weekly will help a ton if you have a random showing pop up!

Are you looking to build a home after you sell? Fill out a customer worksheet to get started on that process now!