April 24, 2019


It’s finally starting to get warmer outside!! Bring on the sunshine and swimming season!! Have you considered putting in a swimming pool at your home? We’ve assembled a list of the pros and cons to having a pool in your backyard.


One of the main benefits of having your own pool is that it will become a hangout spot for your kids and their friends. Annoying as they may be 🙂 , this is what you ultimately want, right? You know where they are and what they are doing. No more paying fees at a local spot or dealing with a crowd of people. Sometimes, when it is super hot here in the midwest, the only way you can enjoy the outdoors is by having a pool nearby. This will help ensure you enjoy the outdoors while you have the time and weather to do so. As an added bonus, it will push you to get your little ones in swimming lessons earlier to ensure their safety at home.


This depends on the family, but it’s possible that if you don’t have kids at home, you won’t use it as much as if you had little ones that are obsessed with swimming. Parents likely work during the day, so weigh whether it would be worth it to use the few hours a day you could utilize it during the summer. Some people don’t want a swimming pool. It can be something that could deter someone from purchasing your home if you ever decide to sell. Safety issues — this is a big one, no matter the age of your kids. However, most families have rules in place where this doesn’t become too much of a problem. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll get a ton more money out of your home when you sell it if you install a pool. The average ROI on a pool in the midwest is 6%. The average cost to install a pool is $24,678, but is dependent upon size and features that you want.

You can find plenty of articles that state it’s a terrible decision and a waste of money. You’ll find just as many stating why it is a fabulous idea to have a pool! At the end of the day, you’ll have to make your own personal decision based on what you can afford to spend and if it’s worth it for the amount of time per year that you’ll be able to use it. My vote : go for it! At least with my family, it would be a no-brainer if I had the room and money … I know it would be worth every penny.

Are you not only thinking about what kind of pool your dream home will have, but looking into the dream home itself first? Check our website for floorplans and check out the various neighborhoods we build. Call Emily or Lisa if you have any questions or would like to schedule a home tour to see what Joyner Homes has to offer your family!