A Fun Testimonial!
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Today we share a testimonial we received recently. Hearing happy words from clients always warms our heart. Our ultimate goal is to not only provide you with the home of your dreams, but to make it an easy and fun transition, and for you to be overjoyed with the end product.

Dear Joyner Homes,

It’s hard to¬† believe that it has been almost 4 years since our family took ownership of the beautiful home that you constructed for us! And, while it seemed like so much work at the time — the bank meetings, the design process, the waiting (and living with parents and in-laws!) — it was all worth it and more to have the home of our dreams! I am so grateful that we stumbled upon Joyner Homes at a tour of homes back in the fall of 2013. Stepping into that first home, I felt overwhelmed with the feeling that we had finally found the builder we had been looking for. And now, four years later, I remain as convinced as I was at that first Joyner Homes experience of the decision that we made to start our building journey. So, thank you, Joyner Homes. Thank you for giving us the confidence to build a home when everyone else said it would be too hard. Thank you for giving us the voice of experience and the tools to do the job right. And, most importantly, THANK YOU for giving us the home that we never knew how much we wanted until we got it. “A dream is never fully realized until it doesn’t have to be just a dream.”


The Settlers at Blue River

Wow! What a great experience these folks had! We have a set of core values that we strive to make spill over to our end product. Work hard, play hard. Learn your story. Do it Better. Do it Right. All very simple. Come and talk to Lisa or Emily about how we may be the right home builder for you. Click HERE to read a blog post about the the pros and cons of building your own home. Ready to take that next step? Go ahead and fill out our customer worksheet and we will get in touch with you!