What Is A Punch List?
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So you’re building your new home, and you start hearing the term punch list. What exactly is a punch list? It is a checklist that our project managers use to ensure the home is being built to the scope of work and plans. Joyner Homes has several punch lists throughout the entire build that are going on behind the scenes : at foundation, framing, electrical, drywall, etc. These are all handled by the project manager. They go in and ensure the work has been completed per the scope. If not, the contractor is called back out to complete the punch list. This is important to remember as your home progresses. We discourage owners to go into their home and check on things without their project manager. The main reason is if you walk in and see something completely out of line, you may panic and get upset, and all the while, it is already on a punch list and scheduled to be fixed. Have faith in your project manager! It’s their job to keep things in line. For example, if you walk into your home without your project manager and see a broken window, just know that it’s already been noted and scheduled to be fixed. Another thing to keep in mind with punch lists is that some things may take place later than you would expect. For example, if a window comes up broken, they will likely wait until the end of the project to replace the window. Rest assured, it will be fixed! Don’t let these things nag at your mind if you do walk through your home prior to the handyman punch list. Always feel free to confirm with your project manager if you have concerns.

The list that is obtained from the customer orientation we consider the “handyman punch list.” The orientation includes the owners and is hopefully a small list of items that need completed after the walk through and prior to move in day.

What should you be looking for? Reference THIS POST I did awhile back to see what items you should be on the lookout for at your customer orientation, which is typically done with the project manager and you, so that all eyes are on everything and nothing is missed. Once everything is finalized, the owner assumes responsibility of the home, rather than the builder or contractor. No home is perfect, and things do happen, just keep this in mind! Being at the handyman punch list stage is exciting …. Your home is nearing completion … don’t stress, go in with fresh eyes, and get excited about moving in soon!

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