The Timber Escape – Final Photos!
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The Timber Escape is one of our most tenured floor plans and it’s stuck around and been built a few times for good reason! This is one of our largest floor plans with five bedrooms – with two of them on the main floor. Five may seem like a lot, but many people use the second bedroom on the main floor as an office/guest room combo. The plan has a great open feel with the Kitchen at the center and the Dining Area, Hearth Room, and Great Room fanning out from there.

(Author’s Note: This blog post may feel a little biased… Tom and Sara built the first Timber Escape as their own home, so it’s one of our favorites!)




We’ll start outside. You’ve probably noticed by now that many of our homes feature decorative trusses at the entry. The inspiration for many of our homes comes from the mountain homes of Colorado and Montana. Those grandest of those homes are timber-framed which is an amazing look. Timber framing also comes at an amazing price! 🙂 So, the trusses at the front of our homes work to bring a bit of the timber framed appearance back to a reasonable price. Our interior beams are designed to do the same. Both elements are a great example of our company tag line – Character Rich. Smart Design.

This post features various versions of this plan. So, you’ll see different finishes and selections throughout!

The screen porch is a great optional feature in this floor plan!

Moving inside – a view from the entry…

And, then looking back to the entry from the Great Room…

Now, the kitchen…

How about this Dining Area?!

Then, looking out from the kitchen…

Heading upstairs…

We’ve made a few variations of this plan along the way, but all have featured a loft area…

We’ll finish out with a photo of the mudroom cubby. These are SO handy for organizing all the odds and ends!

Hope you enjoyed the virtual home tour!

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