Joyner Homes Team Spotlight – Lisa Cole
May 15, 2019    POSTED IN  About Us

Today I want to introduce you to one of our New Home Specialists, Lisa Cole. She is one of the girls you want to talk to when interested in building a new home with us. You’ll most often find her at the Summerset model home, located at 1562 Summerwood Blvd, off of Blue Road. If that address doesn’t come up on a map search, just follow the signs, you can’t miss it! You can add Lisa’s contact info to your phone from this link!

How long have you worked at Joyner Homes?
It will be a year in July!

What do you do at JH?
I’m a New Home Specialist.  I get to help our customers find different locations to build and find the perfect floorplan.  We do lots of talking and getting to know each other, so we can make sure we’re making all the right choices and build their dream home!  It’s a super fun part of the process!

If you could switch jobs with someone in Joyner Homes, who would it be? Why?
I actually wouldn’t want to switch with anyone!  I love getting to know our homeowners! ????

What 3 words would you use to describe Joyner Homes?
Fun.  Smart.  Quality.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
My husband and I are normally at our kid’s sporting events or hanging with friends.  If we’re not doing those things, we are normally hanging out at home and watching one of our favorite shows which include The Office, Game of Thrones, or Shark Tank.  I also love watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette!  Yes – sometimes the couples do stay together…just look at Trista and Ryan! Ha!

What random facts can you share with us?
I used to be a personal trainer and group fitness instructor!  I still teach one spin class every week!  I LOVE to clean!  A full day of being at home and cleaning makes me giddy and gives me butterflies!

Are you messy or organized?
Very organized!  Messiness stresses me out!

What’s your favorite outside activity?
Gardening or outdoor workouts.  We also like to hang out as a family outside and play four square or swim in our pool!

If you could change something about today’s youth, what would it be? Alternately, what excites you about today’s young generation?
It makes me sad seeing kids so attached to devices and social media.  I wish we could get a better grasp on how to make life not so dependent on that.  I love seeing our youth making a difference in the world!  Kids are getting more and more involved in activities and events that have less to do with them and more to do with helping others.  It’s so cool!

What would you tell your 13-year old self?
You’re going to make mistakes, but you will be just fine! ????

How do you define success?
If someone describes you as “A person who would give you the shirt off their back!”