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August 5, 2019    POSTED IN  HomeWhat to Expect

Happy Monday!

One of the most aggravating things to me, as a customer, is heading to a website or to Google and not being able to find the contact info/hours that I’m searching for. Does anyone share my pain?! I think that we have everything displayed pretty well on our website, but I am going to review all of the different ways you can connect with Joyner Homes!

You can contact our Sales Team with the links below. If you head to the link on your phone, you can even install it as an app, so you basically have their “business card” on your phone whenever you need it.



You can also click any of the buttons on the bottom of the website.

Contact Us – This will take you to a form to fill out to reach out to us via email, or also view our phone number and office location.

Customer Worksheet – This is a form you can fill out that provides specific feedback on your home.

Realtor Client Registration – Realtors, register your clients here!!

Become A Trade Partner – If you are interested in becoming a vendor or sub-contractor for Joyner Homes, fill out this form.

Do a quick google search and you can pull up our Google Listing. You’ll find lots of info there, including our website, directions, reviews, phone number, hours, posts, and lots of photos! Similarly, you can put Joyner Homes in Maps on your phone, and all of that info will pop up, along with directions.

Don’t forget about FaceBook and Instagram!!


Found at the bottom of website.

            Google Search

Maps on Phone.

There you go! Plenty of ways to connect with us, no matter what you need! While you’re on our site looking around, be sure to check out our new neighborhood, The Boulders. We are so excited about this new neighborhood!! Join our VIP List to be the first to know what’s going on here!