What Comes First?? The chicken or the egg? The architectural plans or the builder?
May 18, 2020    POSTED IN  FAQHomeWhat to Expect

If you find yourself wondering how to get started when the decision has been made that you are ready to build a home, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Starting the process is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. You may think that you are getting your ducks in a row by spending countless hours perusing the internet for the perfect plan and then spending a couple thousand on purchasing it. After that, you call a builder to see if they would like the opportunity to build it. But this method presents a few problems. The first one is that it is incredibly time consuming. Trust me… as someone who thinks she must research everything to death. You can search and search and search and never find quite the right plan. You may be lucky enough to find one that checks off all the items on your must have list. But, the second issue presents itself when you send it out to a few (highly researched, of course) builders to get a price on what it will cost to build, only to find out that you wish your life could resemble that of the young boy in the 1994 blockbuster hit Blank Check so that you can afford the plan you found—that honestly has a few things you would change anyway.

Here at Joyner Homes, we approach this part of the build a bit differently. We want to know how you live in your home now and how you plan to live in your new home. After a discussion about your must haves, wants, and features you don’t want, we get to work trying to find the best plan that meets your criteria! If we can’t find quite the right match and your budget supports it, we can design a completely custom home using the same technique. You then don’t have to live with the “wine cellar” in the finished basement when you haven’t had a sip of wine in your entire life. The home will also be built to suit the land that you have chosen. This is a great benefit to working with a builder that can make these changes to your plan to come up with the best possible design.

Everyone has a budget—your budget may be large or it may be a little bit tighter. The best part is we can work with both! You don’t want to go out to the vast information treasure trove of the world wide web and fall in love with a plan that doesn’t fit your budget. As mentioned before, this is an easy thing to do. The only thing that it does, in fact do, is makes every other part of the process a letdown. You will constantly compare everything going forward to the perfect $1,500,000 plan that you picked when your budget is closer to the $500,000 mark.

We  have tons of floor plans to choose from, or we can start from scratch with a Design Build. Or sometimes, we can tweak one of our existing floor plans to better suite your needs. The best way to move forward, from the very beginning, is to talk to one of our New Home Specialists – EMILY or LISA. Or fill out a Customer Worksheet. From there, we can discuss all of the details to work with your needs and your budget.