Q: What do you do for Joyner Homes?

A: Simply put? I design super cool houses from scratch and help our team figure out how to build them.

Q: Tell us about your family.

A: In addition to my beautiful wife Sara (my high school sweet heart), I have two cute but ornery daughters, Josie & Tessa, and a little superhero in training named Jack.

Q: How about your hobbies?

A: I love to be outdoors- running, fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking & camping. Fly fishing is my biggest vice at the moment and I try to run 20-30 miles per week. I also enjoy painting/art and playing the guitar.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: I love being able to tap into my creative side everyday and having the honor of being included in such a major life event for our customers. And, it’s pretty cool that we have such great and talented team members who all really care about our customers and their new homes.

Q: How about a random fact or two?

A: How about three? I am the uncle of two sets of twins and one set of triplets. I can hold my breath under water for over 3 minutes. And, I am a huge fan of the Rocky movies.

  • Favorite Superhero
    Captain America
  • Favorite Team
    Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Favorite Movies
    Rocky, Tombstone and Jaws

At Joyner Homes, our focus is on creating architectural elements that are uniquely yours.

If you’re tired of the same old designs and want something bold and distinctive, we share your vision!