Winter During A Pandemic
January 5, 2021    POSTED IN  @ HomeHome

So here we are, full throttle in winter season during a pandemic, and our normalcy is at a bit of a disadvantage. But let’s not despair! Here are several ways to spend your winter, even if you can’t get out to enjoy your normal activities.

• Get outside and go ice skating if a place is available
• Go sledding
• Try baking some new things that you’ve been interested in trying
• Dive into the hot cocoa bomb rage
• Make paper snowflakes
• Learn a craft, like knitting
• Snuggle in next to a fire
• Have a movie marathon
• Handwrite a letter to an old friend
• Have a game night
• Try an online class that you’re interested in
• Read a book
• Start journaling
• Color or Doodle with fun, colorful pens
• Start a new workout routine
• Just relax. We don’t do it enough.

However you choose to spend your time, feel confident in the fact that it’s your time, and you can spend it however you choose. What works for one person, may not work for you, so pick things that help keep your eyes forward and your mind positive!

If you are considering building a house in your near future, this extra time some of us have on our hands is a great time to look into that! Browse our website for ideas, and reach out to LISA or MIKE with any questions at all. Fill out a CUSTOMER WORKSHEET to go ahead and get started now!