What’s Happening? Virtual Home Tour!
November 11, 2014    POSTED IN  Home

The Joyner Homes Team has busily been preparing for the coming winter months!

Can you believe that we are currently building 20 homes?! We have 15 homes currently in the active construction stage and another 5 working through permitting and selections.

Today, we took a little tour of homes to snap photos before the Polar Vortex hits!  We hope you’ll enjoy this little Virtual Tour of Homes!

We started in Stone Ridge where we have three homes underway!

This home has foundations in and is almost ready for framing.

The other two homes in the neighborhood are in the selections and permitting phase but dirt will be moved soon!

Next, we drove down to New Palestine to check on this home. Footers have been poured!

Heading east through the south side of the county brought us to this, currently empty, field. This home is also in the permitting and selections process but getting very close!

Just a little north, and we came upon this home which is finishing up the framing stage.

Back up toward Greenfield, this home in Fairway Villages is in the middle of framing. Love seeing the big crane!

Just around the corner is one of the next homes we will start. The city is bringing sewer to the site so these folks have been patiently waiting to get started!

And, just a little further north, in St. James Manor, there are two homes at different stages. First up is this lot which was just staked and we just met to go through selections last night!

For our last stop on the custom home tour, we visited this home where we met the homeowner going through the electrical walk!

After grabbing a quick lunch, we made our way back to our offices at Timber Run where we snapped photos of the 10 homes under construction there.

The first two homes will close in the next few weeks!

This building of 4 homes will be ready for homeowners beginning in December and January.

Finally, this is the beginning of the next building of 4 homes that will be ready in the spring.

It is hard to believe but there are only two more buildings to start at Timber Run! And, there are only 3 homes left in the whole community that aren’t currently under contract!

As busy as we’ve been, you would think we would be preparing to hunker down and hibernate for the winter. Not quite! We have more plans for custom homes in the works and another building at Timber Run to get started. Don’t worry – we’ll post photos of our progress along the way! We hope you’ll love what you see!