The Lookout – 2/25/2014
February 25, 2014    POSTED IN  Home

This is a post in a series following construction of THE LOOKOUT. If you would like to see the construction of this home from the ground up, just start here!

This has been quite the winter! Between the record low temperatures, the record high snowfall, not to mention the rain and ice thrown in there, it has not be a great season of progress in the home building world! However, we were able to start framing The Lookout even if it did involve some heaters to handle the frost. Our concrete guys have told us that some areas of ground have frost down 30 inches into the ground!

As usual, we get started in the basement.


And then we move up! This is the first floor.


From what I hear, they’re busy framing in the first floor today. No photos yet though, so check back soon!

Continue to follow the progress of this home! Here’s the next post!