Staying Positive In Times of COVID-19
April 3, 2020    POSTED IN  Home

Photo by Julia Khalimova from Pexels


So here we are, suddenly, in this whole new normal that we are trying to maneuver. Working from home, kids out of school, limited or no contact with friends and extended family members …. I will say, I’m not one to typically get down in the dumps, but I’ve had my days already with this new normal. I keep telling myself that it’s okay to get down and gloomy, this is all going to pass, and it will. I’m astounded with how my kids are taking the news of no more school, no sports, no friends. They really are resilient little boogers. It is quite an adjustment for us all. I decided to put together some ideas on how to make us all stay somewhat upbeat in times of the unknown, and maybe even progress and get ahead of the game a little during this downtime. Here is what is working for us.

*While working, try to make it obvious that you are busy and there can’t be interruptions. Note, I said TRY. I imagine this will be one thing most of us, with kids, will spend this entire time trying to accomplish.

*We must take the time to exercise. Really, it is so important in maintaining our sanity on a daily basis, even more so now. Take that time to yourself and reflect, just be quiet, listen to your favorite music, and remember it’s all going to be okay.

*I have really been staying out of most public places, and so have my kids. If I do go to the store, I go right before it closes, and there is typically no one there. I’m also still a fan of picking up my groceries, just get on the Kroger app and schedule it.

*We are enjoying cooking meals some nights, but I’m also not at all afraid to warm up some pizza rolls for the kids. I even decided this could be a time to let the kids splurge a little. Lucky Charms for breakfast again? Go right ahead (I usually try to allow this on vacation only!) Popcorn shrimp from a box for dinner? YES! I even made the kids their first chicken pot pie the other night (frozen, from a box) …. (see above, need to exercise!) My thought process here is let this all ebb and flow. We are also eating really great, healthy meals. It’s actually been kind-of fun, our new dinner routine.

*SUNSHINE – it’s my best friend right now. Soak it up as much as possible.

*Read a book.

*Do a project. Or don’t. Take advantage of more downtown, whether that is by tackling a laundry list of things, or getting rest and soaking this all in. I think that varies from person to person, and even from day to day. Allow yourself some wiggle room here.

*Get caught up on some shows you’ve been wanting to watch.

*Play music, lots and lots and lots of it. Really loud. Trust me.

*Play and connect with your kids. This has been happening naturally in our house, and it really has been a surprise to me and a joy to witness. I expected much more grumbling, bickering, and eye rolling. They’ve been mostly compliant and happy.

*Stay informed, but step away from FaceBook and the news from time to time. You just have to.

*It’s spring – get that spring cleaning in, and open up the windows!

*Have an adult beverage on your porch. Repeat, as many times as necessary.

*Sun tea will be in full rotation in our house as soon as I can remember to make it!!

*Speaking of, if you are having issues focusing, because there is a worldwide pandemic and you are basically staying at home with several humans that DON’T have to work for a living, start MAKING LISTS. It’s my saving grace. Close your door, focus on your list, scratch some things off, then break free and feed their attention for a little bit. Come back and do more later. Schedules just don’t mean quite as much now, but still make sure to complete the things that need to be completed.

*Daily – I tell myself, this isn’t going to last forever. And seriously, I’m at home with my kids, and I have an employer that is supporting their employees. We are all working together to keep the machine running, and I consider us all incredibly lucky. I am not a nurse or doctor wondering what is going to walk through the door that day. We just all need to do our part and this shall pass, and before we know it, we will all be back going a million miles an hour. Or will we? I think that through this, many of us will learn that it is indeed okay to slow down a little bit from time to time. And remember : everyone on the planet is in this together. Stay safe!!!

We are also here for you! It’s a great idea to take this down-time and explore all of our options …. neighborhoods, upcoming neighborhoods, floor plans, design-build ideas, the list goes on! Call Emily or Lisa and they can schedule a Zoom appointment with you, or you can just chat on the phone.